Your custom machine partner for an automated future.

We're experts at designing and building custom automated machines.

At SDC, we are a team of innovators, problem solvers and dedicated professionals. We work together to solve engineering, manufacturing and operational challenges; pushing automation boundaries and delivering world-class, robust machines.

Our team brings expert knowledge in machine design, engineering, programming, assembly and troubleshooting; often solving problems without a simple solution.

For nearly 25, years we have been developing a large collection of technology, knowledge and systems proven to meet our client’s needs. We specialize in assembly and processing machines, testing and inspection systems, semi-automated solutions and unique custom designs.   

Whatever you manufacture, our solutions can help you make it better, faster and more efficiently.

Our Process

Solving our client’s toughest automation needs — we make machines that help optimize manufacturing processes and increase efficiencies, quality, safety and production.


Our Mechanical and Electrical Controls engineering teams work with our clients to make sure each project is designed to meet every specification and requirement.


Our Machine Builders and Electricians assemble each system in-house, working with our engineering teams to account for every detail. 


Each SDC system undergoes rigorous debug and testing to pass client acceptance criteria before they leave our facility. 


We value long-term partnerships and stand behind our equipment. For as long as the machine is in production, we’ll provide support. 

Industries Served

We have experience in nearly every industry, with proven methods to build robust automated solutions.

Fanuc Robot Medical Assembly

SDC specializes in providing custom and special machines to automate production and provide unsurpassed cost savings when compared to manual labor. Over the years, our team has engineered and built hundreds of machines to produce a wide variety of products. We look at each project individually and develop a unique blend of our proprietary processes and equipment to ensure all manufacturing requirements and specifications are met.  

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A few of our clients

Case Studies

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FDA-Approved Medical Device Assembly

A SDC returning customer in the medical manufacturing industry updated their product line, requiring a retrofitting of their current assembly and processing machine.

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Thermal Heating Component Assembly 

SDC found an effective solution including multiple assembly stations utilizing heavy payload robots. The SDC team engineered, designed and built a fully automated assembly system to produce a thermal heating component, commonly known as a burner.

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Whatever you make, our team can help you make it better, faster and more efficiently.