Project Scope:

Automated Conduit Clamp Assembly

An SDC client in the electrical solutions industry was looking to automate the hand assembly of conduit clamps. The purpose of automation was to increase the current capacity to meet customer demand while decreasing cost.  

Servo-Driven Indexing Dial

Allen-Bradley Machine Control Software & HMI

Cognex Vision Systems & Cameras

FANUC 6-Axis LR200iD Robot with Vision & Conveyor Tracking

Servo-Controlled Two-Axis Pick-and-Place Station

Vibratory Bowl Feeders

Automated Bulk Pack-Out

Servo Feed to Registration

Progressive Die

The Solution:

An assembly work cell consisting of one central automated assembly machine was created to optimize the manufacturing process and increase quality with production.  

The cell was built on a rotary indexing dial with custom grippers and key inspection stations. The Servo-driven indexing dial provided a precision platform for the assembly and inspection operations of the conduit clamp.  

A 6-axis FANUC robot would use vision guidance to pick-and-place parts from a belt to custom-designed grippers. This machine was configured to accommodate 14 product configurations consisting of 7 different clamp sizes.  

Machine Rate:  40 parts per minute