Project Scope:

Automated Hose Leak Testing

A manufacturer of appliance hoses presented a need for a machine to leak test their products for quality before packaging. This machine needed to be built with ergonomics in mind for seamless integration into a preexisting operation within the facility.  

Belt-fed parts

Pneumatic cylinders

Custom-tooled test seals and grippers

Cutting shears for failed parts

The Solution:

An in-line processing machine was designed and built by SDC with two leak testing and unload stations on either side of the machine. Parts are fed into the machine by a belt conveyor and are filtered to an open station. Fitted with custom tooling to seal both hose ends, clamps are lowered to hold the hose in place for testing.

After the air/leak test is complete, failed parts drop through an internal chute, are cut in half and then shuttled to a discard container. Parts that pass the leak test are dropped into bilateral containers for packaging.  

Machine Rate: 7.5 second test cycle