Project Scope:

Lens Casting Production Cell

A client needed a production cell for resin injection into a contact lens mold. The cell required humidity and vapor control to ensure proper conditions for curing of the product.  

FANUC LRMate six-axis robot, ceiling mount

Automatic mold gripper with force feedback

Machine vision system

Electric and pneumatic integration of filling system

Custom calibration and position software of mold hole placement over nozzle tip

Full enclosure with interlocked access doors

Custom PLC, HMI, Robot, and machine vision software

The Solution:

The SDC team designed and built a casting production cell. To accommodate needed components, our team mounted a FANUC six-axis robot to the ceiling. The cell was built with two electrically interlocked access doors for operator activity.

This system also incorporated force detection on the robot end effector and position feedback to verify the nozzle is correctly positioned in the mold fill hole. Once the mold is positioned, the system commands the filler to operate, filling the mold with resin. The robot then flips the mold over and places it into the finished tray with the holes facing up.  

Machine Rate: 14 seconds per part