3 Reasons to Partner with a Specialized Automation Company for a Custom Machine

From reduced costs to greater productivity, there are many reasons why companies are increasingly investing in automated factory equipment for their manufacturing plants. Rather than relying on internal teams, many manufacturers have found that it’s more beneficial to partner with a factory automation company like IM电竞app官方入口. (SDC) to solve manufacturing challenges. Here are three reasons why you should partner with a specialized automation company to tackle complex projects.

Automated Machine Expertise

Designing and building custom automated equipment requires a high degree of technical knowledge that can be hard to find on the shop floor. Rather, working with an experienced machine builder and integrator allows manufacturers to leverage diverse teams of technologically advanced engineers and technicians to develop projects while eliminating excess labor, time, and in-house engineering costs.

SDC offers a diverse team, across many different departments, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, programming, machine building, and more. Our team of experts have completed over 900 automation projects, building over 1,000 different types of automated machines and equipment for a variety of industries , including automotive, medical, consumer products, aerospace, alternative energy, and more. Leveraging our diverse expertise will be crucial in designing and building a custom factory automation solution for your business.

Dedicated Project Team

Another reason why companies decide to automate a manufacturing process is because of the increased productivity, capacity, and quality control that automated systems can offer. But, often times companies that try to complete automation projects in-house end up putting it on the back burner, as more pressing issues arise and other projects take greater precedence.

When you partner with a specialized automation company, you’ll have a dedicated team, solely focused on your project, allowing your in-house teams the ability to focus on other projects within your organization. For every project, SDC provides our customers with a dedicated and experienced project team and project manager who keeps the project on schedule. By having all resources (e.g., parts, assembly, quality assurance, programming, etc.) under one roof, we can further streamline the process to completion.

Reduced Costs

Designing and building an automated machine in-house can be costly to manufacturing companies whose budgets may already be burdened by increasing labor and production costs. By partnering with a specialized automation company, companies can avoid costly equipment challenges and project delays. In return, you’ll benefit from projects being completed correctly the first time. SDC has proprietary and proven automated systems that have been developed and enhanced over many years, allowing us to offer expertise without a huge price tag.

Partner with a Best-in-Class Automation Company

As described above, there are many benefits to partnering with a factory automation company like IM电竞app官方入口. As the largest and most capable engineering company in Northeast Ohio, we design, engineer, and build creative and innovative systems and machines to solve complex manufacturing and engineering issues, regardless of your industry. Contact SDC today to start a conversation, and in the meantime, check out some of our past projects .